3rd International Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine: SLM Solutions to Present SLM® Additive Technology

Biomedical applications for 3D printing on May 4-5 2018 in Mainz


Lübeck, April 24, 2018. Medical professionals, material scientists and engineers will present the latest research findings in 3D printing for medical applications at the start of May in Mainz. SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, will present SLM® production technology for human medical applications.

Following on from the success of the last two years, the International Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine in Mainz has become a globally recognized event for medical 3D printing. The third event will take place from May 4-5 at the Electoral Palace in Mainz. The event will see renowned international medical specialists, material scientists and engineers meet to present the latest developments and possibilities of 3D printing in medicine.

Philip Oris, Director Business Development Medical & Dental, will represent SLM Solutions at the conference, and will showcase the benefits of SLM® manufacturing technology using current medical components. Oris will focus on the integration of porous structures in surgical implants, which ensure better osseointegration and lower stress shielding. SLM® technology also allows the construction of complex geometries, leading to greater productivity and significant cost benefits.

 “Manufacturers of medical devices are increasingly using high-performance SLM® machines to produce medical and dental components,” explains Philip Oris. “This includes the production of functional prototypes, the series production of surgical implants, and customized mass production, i.e. the large-scale manufacture of patient-specific implants and prosthetic parts.”

A range of clinical applications and new developments from this innovative and dynamic field of research will be presented at the 3D printing conference in Mainz. These include mouth and jaw surgery, vascular surgery, trauma surgery, orthopedics and neurosurgery. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss various topics in material science and engineering.