"Best of Industry" AWARD 2016

SLM Solutions was honored for their outstanding innovations by the trade journal "MM Maschinenmarkt" in the section "Trend Topics".  SLM Solutions have had years of experience in the development, assembly and sales of machines and integrated system solutions with regard to the Selective Laser Melting technology. The Lübeck-based enterprise is a global leader in the sector metal-based additive manufacturing technology, also known as "3D printing".

On February 18, 2016, the trade journal "MM Maschinenmarkt" awarded the crème de la crème during a festive gala that was held in the Würzburg Vogel Convention Center. Only those enterprises were qualified for the top-class industry award "Best of Industry" who had either won or been shortlisted for an industry award for their products or solutions. About 200 guests from the German industry followed the presentation of the award for industry expertise.

"Every enterprise represented here has reconciled product and market perspectives", Hans-Jürgen Kuntze, publisher of "MM Maschinenmarkt", emphasizes.

Hans Joachim Ihde, chairman of the Board of the SLM Solutions Group AG, was visibly touched when he accepted the AWARD: "The entire SLM Solutions team is very happy. The award confirms our efforts to go beyond the mere development of highly innovative machines and systems. In cooperation with our employees and partners we create solutions for our customers; solutions that are now possible through the new SLM technology. However, during the entire creative process we always keep the holistic view of the processes in mind. We combine the industry and application expertise about the processes with the knowhow about the innovative SLM technology, thus creating solutions that were inconceivable until recently. We consider ourselves trendsetters and drivers in the sector of manufacturing technology for many divers industries ranging from automotive and engineering to medical and aerospace. With future-oriented solutions, we simultaneously strengthen Germany as a production location."

In an elaborate process, industry experts from "MM Maschinenmarkt" analyzed international competitions where expert jurors have dealt intensively with the degree of technological innovation or the benefits for industry, environment and society. The committee consisted of MM editors and industry experts. Together with many "MM Maschinenmarkt" readers they elected the winners in the respective categories. In the online-voting nearly 10,000 votes were cast.