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Review EuroMold 2014: High demand for additive manufacturing technology by SLM Solutions

Additive manufacturing machines with high performance

Lübeck, December 16, 2014. SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading provider of metal based additive manufacturing technology (also commonly referred to as “3D printing”), presented at EuroMold 2014, the new generation of additive manufacturing systems. SLM Solutions convinced the international experts and in additon several sales transactions for the big production line SLM® 500HL were already agreed with key customers at the fair.

SLM Solutions underscored in 2014 its competence in the generative manufacturing processes. The company based in Lübeck presented with the new generation of the selevtice laser melting systems the logical step to production technology to firmly establish the Additive Manufacturing in the process chain in addition to the classical method.

The three manufacturing series of SLM Solutions, SLM 125HL, SLM 280HL and SLM 500HL, were presented at the fair. Now the three types of machines have similar 3D optics and a 400 W laser as basic equipment,. So individual developments on the SLM 280HL can be transferred for the production to other machines of the series SLM 280HL and SLM 500HL. On the booth of SLM Solutions, the two systems SLM 280HL and SLM 500HL were considered in live operation. With sophisticated design geometries and high performance, the systems demonstrated the reliability in everyday use.

The current SLM 500HL system builds on the innovative concept, which was introduced last year, but with a higher build speed it is aimed to the ambitious small-scale production. In the high-performance system SLMR500HL four fiber laser 4x 400 W or 2x (400W+1000W) via an optical 3D scanning unit expose powder bed in two units. The engineers of SLM Solutions have worked hard to simplify and automate the concept to optimize production processes again. So a plan was implemented to minimize the downtime of the system. About an unpacking unit the finished build cylinder is transported out of the system. The cooling process takes place in the unpacking unit, so that the next building process can begin immediately. Furthermore, a preheating system for build cylinder is available that allows instant switching without waiting.

Visitors from the key industries around the world were interested in these innovations and placed additional orders for eight plants during the fair. FIT AG from Bavaria, which already uses several SLM 500HL, decided on the fair to buy another five plants of the type SLM 500HL for their close-to-production. The business deal was concluded at EuroMold. The five systems will be delivered in 2014 and 2015.

Dr. Markus Rechlin, CEO of SLM Solutions Group AG, was very satisfied with the interest in SLM Solutions at EuroMold 2014. "So far, the EuroMold is Europe's most important trade fair for the theme of generative production. We surpassed the good result achieved in the previous year. We have noticed that global demand in this innovative technology is rising. We are very impressed with the numerous discussions and transactions with our international trade visitors."

4th Aviation Forum 2014: SLM Solutions at the procurement Conference of the aviation industry

SLM Solutions presents additive manufacturing technology at Aviation Forum

Lübeck, December 8, 2014. SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading provider of metal based additive manufacturing technology (also commonly referred to as “3D printing”), attends at Aviation Forum 2014, the conference for the strategic evolution of the aerospace value chain. The experts from Lübeck are represented both as an exhibitor and as a program designer in Hamburg from 9th to 10th December in Congress Center Hamburg (CCH).

The Aviation Forum is a conference with an accompanying exhibition. The top management of OEMs, suppliers and airlines will network and exchange intensively on 9th and 10th December. The IPM, in cooperation with its competency partner Airbus S.A.S., is the designer of the event. The focus of interest includes innovative solutions and trends in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of the aviation industry.

In the workshops and roundtables, the future perspectives and courses of action for the aerospace industry will be discussed. SLM Solutions will be involved as a panelist at the event. Dr. Dieter Schwarze, Chief Scientific Officer at SLM Solutions and one of the inventors of the selective laser melting, will accompany the workshop “Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) – Future perspectives for a business in transition!” Furthermore SLM Solutions presents the SLM®125HL at the booth 23. The compact Selective Laser Melting System®125HL produces highly complex metal components using fine metal powders from 3D CAD-data files. The extremely economical system is suitable for R&D environment as well as for small lot production areas. In Hamburg, SLM Solutions will provide pioneering developments in additive manufacturing and will demonstrate potentials on and future prospects of Selective Laser Melting in industrial production.

With regards to R&D, SLM Solutions works closely with renowned universities and institutes. Dr. Markus Rechlin, Board chairman of SLM Solutions GmbH, sees the efforts of SLM Solutions confirmed: ”For many years, we have worked as pioneer and technology leader in the area of Selective Laser Melting systems, and invested in research and development of equipment and materials. Together with partners like EADS Innovation Works, we will optimize plants and continue to create new materials to withstand even higher demands. Our systems give companies the chance to optimize their production in a more efficient and independent way.“

The exhibition and workshops enable the international audience during the two days to get specific knowledge of innovative solutions for their procurement strategy

SLM Solutions expands North American footprint

New facility and recruitment of additional staff answers increased activity throughout U.S. market

Luebeck/Germany, December 05, 2014. SLM Solutions, a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology and systems, has increased the capacity of their North American subsidiary. SLM Solutions NA, Inc. has relocated their 3,000-square-foot office in Novi, Michigan to a modern 7,170-square-foot facility and showroom space at 28350 Cabot Drive, Suite 100, also in Novi. With the recent office expansion, as well as the recruitment of additional staff, SLM Solutions NA is reaffirming growing activities in the U.S. market.

“In this competitive environment, we are excited to continuously grow our capabilities to independently serve and support our customers in aerospace, medical, energy and consumer-based manufacturing,” said Vice President of North America, James Fendrick. “With our new facility, we look forward to hosting an increasing number of individuals who have the need to actively explore the distinct capabilities of each Selective Laser Melting® system.” The SLM® 280HL system is currently available to review and generate demonstration production parts; with the SLM® 125 HL and SLM® 500 HL arriving from headquarters in Lübeck, Germany early 2015.

Furthermore, SLM Solutions NA tripled both their sales force and service engineer staff respectively in 2014; adding a combined 40 years’ experience to the team’s collective expertise. The North American subsidiary also stated plans for continued growth and recruitment of qualified individuals in 2015.

Since 2012, SLM Solutions NA has accomplished a further step in the globalization strategy of the Lübeck manufacturer to increase its service and distribution for North America. The amplified presence in North America answers an increasing demand for fast, flexible and reliable systems that are built for part and prototype production.

Flexible und efficient: SLM Solutions presents the new generation of additive manufacturing machines at EuroMold 2014

High Performance with Quad Laser and a unique double laser beam technology

Luebeck, November 24, 2014. SLM Solutions, leading provider of metal based additive manufacturing technology (also commonly referred to as “3D printing”), presents the SLM product portfolio at the booth D86 in Hall 11 at EuroMold in Frankfurt from November 25-28, 2014. The focus is on the new generation of the additive manufacturing systems.

The leading trade fair for moldmaking and tooling, design and application development, EuroMold, which takes place from the 25th to the 28th of November 2014 in Frankfurt. Visitors from the major industrial areas in the world will be there. SLM Solutions is covering an area of 180 m² in Frankfurt exhibition hall to present the whole product portfolio. According to the motto "From Idea to Series Production" the additive manufacturing systems of the SLM Solutions grab to the entire process chain of additive production in selective laser melting. SLM Solutions presents the three manufacturing series in the latest version. Since the recent EuroMold numerous developments and improvements have been made to raise further potential of this technology trend.

The efficiency and performance of the systems has been improved. Quad Laser and a unique double laser beam technology of the high performance system increase up to 80% higher volume construction rate. Further the step to production technology was paved. About an unpacking unit the finished build cylinder is transported out of the system. The cooling process takes place in the unpacking unit, so that the next building process can begin immediately.

The open system architecture and system parameters enables the user to customize and supply individual construction processes. Furthermore, individual developments on the SLM®280HL can be transferred for the production to other machines of the series SLM®280HL and SLM®500HL.

In addition, manufacturing companies and their customers will be presented all the advantages of additive manufacturing processes at multiple and increasingly complex tasks. In hall 11 at booth D86 both, basic knowledge and deeper knowledge, is shown in a funny way. The path of the laser light and the material flows of the SLM 3D printing technology is shown in simplified way with apps and technologies such as Augmented Reality.

"In Germany EuroMold is the best opportunity to get close to European market and present the latest developments of the SLM Solutions. We are pleased to show the level of development in our businesses and to get into intense debate to our customers and prospects”, says Dr. Markus Rechlin, CEO of SLM Solutions Group AG.

SLM Solutions presents innovative systems for Additive Manufacturing in product development and manufacturing environments

SLM Solutions at the TCT Live 2014 in Birmingham

Lubeck, September 29, 2014. SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading provider of metal based additive manufacturing technology, presents the latest developments with multi-lasers in the selective laser melting process at the TCT Live 2014, from 30 September to 2 October, 2014.

This year, SLM Solutions is represented again at TCT SHOW in Birmingham, UK. The experts of Northern Germany present the additive compact laser melting machine SLM 280 HL at the booth G24 in Hall 3. The machine builds up the entire process of laser melting process. The modular system is tried and tested and known for reliable and rapid manufacturing of prototypes and production parts. The optimum part quality and efficiency is at the forefront. Metal powder, stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt chromium, nickel-based alloy, aluminum or titanium can be used as base materials. Through a variety of options and expandability, the system adapts to the different requirements.

Stefan Ritt, Export Sales and Marketing Manager at SLM Solutions expects great interest this year: “Last year, about 5,000 visitors have frequented the fair. We had many good conversations. With our powerful wide developments and the field-proven applications, we are certainly able to score points in 2014. We look forward to an exciting TCT show."

For twenty years TCT has served as a launch pad for innovation and is known globally as the business forum for the latest in 3D design and manufacturing technology. The event features the entire spectrum of 3D printing and additive manufacturing machines in action as well as supporting technologies and software for scanning, digitizing and inspection and for design and manufacturing.

Debut at ILA 2014

SLM Solutions presents its selective laser melting technology at International Supplier Center (ISC)

ILA 2014 – May 20-25, 2014 in Berlin

Luebeck, May 15, 2014. SLM Solutions GmbH is exhibiting the selective laser melting technology at ILA Berlin Air Show from May 20-25, 2014. SLM Solutions, being one of the technology leaders in the field of metal based additive manufacturing, will be presenting the selective laser melting system SLM 280HL in hall 1, stand 1806.

As part of the ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 SLM Solutions presents at the International Suppliers Center (ISC) their latest developments and applications of additive manufacturing technology for the aerospace market. As one of the leading providers of metal based additive manufacturing systems SLM Solutions GmbH supplies worldwide companies in the aviation and aerospace industries with systems for additive manufacturing of complex components.

Dr. Markus Rechlin, Managing Director of SLM Solutions GmbH: "We see the ISC within the ILA as an important contact exchange and business platform for the entire aerospace market. Here we meet new customers and partners from around the world. Against the background of the forecast growth in the aviation market our participation at the ILA 2014 is even more important. The ISC can help us entering new markets and move forward with international activities."

SLM Solutions is a member of the Federal Association of the German Aviation and Space Industries Association (BDLI), and its systems enable manufacturers and suppliers to develop and manufacture parts and components.

SLM Solutions will showcase the laser melting system SLM 280HL in Berlin. The system covers the entire process of selective laser melting. The SLM 280HL is intended to be a "universal system", which can beused in the field of R&D and also in the field of manufacturing highly complex components and products with the process of selective laser melting.

AMUG Conference 2014: SLM Solutions presents current metal based additive manufacturing topics

Annual Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference 2014 in Tucson, Arizona

Luebeck, April 3, 2014. SLM Solutions GmbH, a leading provider of metal based additive manufacturing technology, participates in the largest user conference for additive manufacturing technologies in the U.S., which takes place in Tucson, Arizona from April 6 to April 10, 2014.

AMUG is an independent, industry-wide and global association of additive manufacturing users and organizer of the “Annual Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference”, an annual training and education conference, which takes place in Tucson, Arizona, from April 6 to April 10, 2014. Spanning five days, the agenda for the conference involves keynote presentations, technical sessions, workshops and hands-on training, technical competitions, vendor break-out sessions as well as the “AMUGexpo”, an industry exhibition for companies involved in additive manufacturing technologies.

Stefan Ritt, export, sales & marketing director of the company, is an European ambassador of AMUG and, together with the managing director of the company’s American subsidiary SLM Solutions NA, Inc., James Fendrick, represents SLM Solutions GmbH in Arizona, where the company presents the selective laser melting system SLM 280HL in the exhibition area. Stefan Ritt will also actively participate in the conference program with several presentations on the worldwide development of selective laser melting technologies and on safety aspects of handling selective laser melting machines and powders.

James Fendrick, comments: "The AMUG Conference 2014 is a great combination of trade show and conference where visitors have unique opportunities to engage in conversation and exchange with experienced international experts and among each other."

Additive Disruption: SLM Solutions presents innovative developments in Additive Manufacturing

Additive Disruption Summit in San Francisco, March 24-26, 2014

Luebeck, March 17, 2014. SLM Solutions NA Inc., a technology leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing, will be presenting at the Additive Disruption Summit in San Francisco from March 24-26, 2014. The Company will specifically address the latest developments in selective laser melting, the capabilities and the breakthroughs.Additive Manufacturing has arrived. Industrial companies are moving from prototypes to production parts. 3D printed implants and prosthetics are taking off. These will be some of the topics at Infocast’s breakthrough Additive Disruption Summit, an industry networking event that SLM Solutions is proud to participate.

At the event, SLM Solutions NA Inc. will provide an overview of the latest products and developments in selective laser melting technology. Henner Schöneborn, Executive Vice President of SLM Solutions, will present on March 24, 2014 at 9:15 („An Overview of Developments in Metals for Additive Manufacturing“). At the panel discussion at 1:15-2:15 the focus will be on R&D and innovation breakthroughs in the areas of scaling,materials performance reliability, cost and speed.

SLM Solutions presents innovative topics at the LAM Workshop

Annual Workshop for additive manufacturing in Houston, March 12-13, 2014

Luebeck, March 6, 2014. SLM Solutions NA Inc. will participate in the 6th annual Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM®) in the U.S. from March 12-13, 2014. One of the technology leaders in Selective Laser Melting is featured with several papers and workshops at the event, which will take place in Houston, Texas.

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) 6th annual Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM®) will bring industry specialists, executives, users and researchers from around the world together to discuss themes around the affordable and effective application of cladding and rapid manufacturing to today's manufacturing challenges. The workshop is an important event to help promote the widespread industrial implementation of laser additive manufacturing (cladding, sintering and rapid manufacturing).

The LAM Workshop's two-day agenda is packed with presentations, workshops and a list of high-profile presenters.

SLM Solutions' stand in the exhibition area will showcase the latest trends in laser melting technology, the Company's recent investments and recent research and development milestones. Henner Schöneborn, Executive Vice President of SLM Solutions and James Fendrick, Managing Director of SLM Solutions' US subsidiary, will represent SLM Solutions. As a session chair and panelist, Henner Schöneborn will help lead through the conference program.

SLM Solutions is one of the leading sponsors of research and development in the area of laser additive manufacturing, along with renowned universities and institutes. Henner Schöneborn, Executive Vice President of SLM Solutions comments: "The common goal is the research and development of efficient and high quality solutions for prototyping and small series production with the objective of providing customers with excellent productivity, flexibility and quality”