SLM Solutions presents at Tire Technology Exhibition 2017

SLM Solutions Group AG, the leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, will present the generative Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology intended for the production of mold segments for tire treads on the Tire Technology Expo 2017 in Hanover at booth 4064 in hall 2.

Now in its 17th year, this most important international exhibition and conference for tire production will take place from 14. – 16. February 2017. Tire Technology Expo 2017 offers the visitor the world's premier technology showcase, with exhibits of equipment and materials covering the complete spectrum of the tire manufacturing process.

SLM Solutions Group AG will present the latest developments in metal-based additive SLM technology in Hanover that will optimize tire production. With the SLM 280 2.0, the North Germans will show the entire process chain (closed loop) of generative manufacturing: from data generation to the melting process up to powder recovery and recycling.

SLM technology is used in tire production for the manufacturing of both sample and serial mold segments for tire treads. By the increasing competitive pressure the tire industry is now forced to utilize all opportunities to increase their efficiency systematically. And one such opportunity is additive manufacturing. The SLM 280 2.0 is the ideal "all-purpose system" for both R+D divisions as well as for production processes using SLM procedures. The machines provided by the SLM Solutions Group AG can help optimize both processes and production. They are not only customized to the requirements of the tire mold production but also minimize energy consumption while at the same time maximizing productivity.

On the first day of the exhibition, the Lübeck-based experts will also act as program designers at the Congress. In his speech "Metal 3D printing technology (SLM) for serial production of tire molds" Ralf Frohwerk, Global Head of Business Development of the SLM Solutions Group AG, will show the manufacturers how they can profit from SLM technology. He will hold his speech on Tuesday, 14. February 2017 at 14:40 h. The focus of the speech will lie on the necessity of improved traction on wet surfaces. He will also prove that the production of new mold segments for tire treads using SLM technology will be faster, and also more exact and highly cost effective. SLM technology also enables the creation of new tire tread molds using the free design possibilities of three-dimensional geometries. The layer-by-layer process using fine metal powders allows the construction of delicate tire blades directly during the SLM process - a great improvement in comparison to the conventional process where tire blades have to be integrated individually.

And SLM Solutions will continue to increase the productivity of the generative process to improve the commercial break-even-point in comparison with conventional production. In the SLM machine, the powder is automatically fused using a 400 W or 700 W laser beam. With the SLM 500 and its patented multi-beam technology, one component is manufactured using up to four 700 W laser beams simultaneously. With the quad laser technology (4x 700 W) in combination with our patented bi-directional recoating system, these machines increase the build-up rate up to 90% compared with the twin configuration (2x 700 W).

The machines of SLM Solutions comprise quality assurance systems, automated powder handling and also powder control systems.