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Our blog carves out a place for stories that connect with AM’s big future.

May 25, 2021

Addictive Additive - Blog

Our new news section aims to carve out a place for stories that connect with AM’s big future.  

By SLM Solutions

Let’s talk additive. But before we talk the talk, we need to define what exactly additive is. Additive manufacturing uses cutting-edge technologies such as selective laser melting to offer a modern-day solution to traditional manufacturing. When you combine our systems with what they enable, the results are truly exceptional. Addictive Additive will provide an outlet where both our opinions and experiences can be shared on the additive manufacturing ecosystem and much more that it touches on. It also gives the opportunity to share what new and exciting things our SLM Solutions team is hard at work on. It doesn’t seem that long ago when we would dream of cars that could drive themselves. Ten years ago, an idea like this would seem like something from the distant future.  Little did we know, only a decade later, that dream would quite quickly become a reality. As of 2019, there were currently 1,400 self-driving cars in the United States alone—a thought that seems surreal to most of us.

SLM Solutions stands at the forefront of innovation in a world where things are constantly evolving and improving. Starting off as a pioneer and now being the world leader in metal-based additive manufacturing, SLM Solutions is always looking to push the limits. From being the first to launch the 4-laser system to its more recent launch of the world’s first 12- laser system, these are only the first of many milestones. Whether it be printing locomotive brake panels, components of a nose landing gear, or complex housing for an electric drive, SLM Solutions is always ready to answer the age-old question: “What’s next?”

 We hope you are just as excited about this journey as we are. To the future of additive!