Meddah Hadjar, CEO

Meddah Hadjar (*1967) is CEO of SLM Solutions Group AG, since Mai 2019. Mr. Hadjar has a bachelor and a master of science in aerospace engineering and brings a wealth of international experience in organizational leadership, product management, additive manufacturing and engineering. For over two decades, Mr. Hadjar served in key leadership roles at the US-company General Electric in the business units GE Aviation, GE Oil & Gas as well as GE Power & Energy. Since July 2017, Mr. Hadjar has been living in Germany. In his last position, he was the General Manager of GE Additive’s Laser Products business and overseeing Concept Laser.


Gereon W. Heinemann博士(* 1970)是SLM Solutions Group AG的首席技术官。他曾在苏黎世联邦理工学院和柏林技术大学的全球生产工程专业学习生产和金属成形科学。在苏黎世联邦理工学院,他的博士学位论文论述了汽车领域亚稳奥氏体工业加工的材料模型。他曾在MEWAG AG担任机械和设备工程领域的负责人,负责开发和生产弯管机及其在车辆和飞机制造中的应用,担任Schlatter Industries AG的产品管理负责人,负责技术与Fritz Studer AG(KörberGroup)作为CTO进一步开发和生产外圆磨床的CTO,通过简化现有的各种电阻焊机模块,为企业集团的全球定位和降低成本提供了一些新的发展和战略方法,机械工程系统和装配线生产以及IRPD AG的首席执行官,IRPD AG是Körber集团和激励AG / ETH Zurich之间的增材制造领域的合资企业。自2018年8月起,Heinemann博士担任研发部门,项目管理部门,创新管理部门/知识产权部门以及供应链/生产部门SLM解决方案执行委员会的首席技术官。他的合同有效期至2021年7月。


Frank Hülsmann

Since January 1, 2020, Frank Hülsmann supports the SLM Solutions Group AG as Chief Financial Officer. He is therefore responsible for finance/controlling, corporate finance, investor relations, general administration and legal/compliance. Mr. Hülsmann previously held senior finance positions within Lufthansa Group including, among others, as head of financial strategy, head of investor relations and for the past six years as CFO of Lufthansa’s internal insurance and re-insurance subsidiary Delvag Versicherungs-AG. Frank Hülsmann began his career at Commerzbank.


Sam O’Leary

Since December 2019 Sam O’Leary is Chief Operating Officer at SLM Solutions Group AG. As COO he is responsible for production, product development/R&D as well as supply chain management. Prior to this, he served in roles at Alstom/GE and Score Group plc. Mr. O’Leary is 36 years old and a British citizen.