SLM Solutions Is Supporting "R.SH hilft helfen"

SLM Solutions lives up to its social responsibility


SLM Solutions Group AG is supporting the "R.SH hilft helfen-Stiftung” (Radio Schleswig-Holstein Help Helps Foundation) in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein with its Christmas charity donation this year. The Lübeck-based company is donating 6,000 euros to support the "Herzensangelegenheit" (A Matter of the Heart) charity fund for children who are born with a congenital heart defect. The donations will help children from all of Schleswig-Holstein, so that small hearts can grow big.

"Together we are Schleswig-Holstein": this motto of R.SH also represents the willingness to assume social responsibility in the state. The radio stations collected Christmas donations for social and charitable projects in Schleswig-Holstein within the context of the "Carsten Köthe hilft helfen” (Carsten Köthe helps help). The "R.SH hilft helfen-Stiftung” has developed from that in the meantime. The goal of the foundation is to raise funds to promote charitable purposes primarily in Schleswig-Holstein as well as to alleviate need in the case of larger disasters outside of Schleswig-Holstein. Each donation is passed on 100 percent to the projects selected by the foundation. All administrative costs of the foundation are borne by R.SH.

SLM Solutions is again supporting social projects this year in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein too. Attention of our employees was drawn to the "Herzensangelegenheit" charity in the context of Christmas preparations, and they started a collection contest for it. As a result, 300 employees collected approx. 2,000 euros. At our company Christmas Party, Supervisory Board Chairperson Mr. Hans-Joachim Ihde spontaneously increased the amount from his own pocket to 3000 euros. The executive board of SLM Solutions Group AG doubled the amount, so that a total of 6,000 euros could be handed over to the foundation.

"This charitable donation shows that it has been possible in our company to maintain and cultivate correct and important values for living together with the people from 18 countries working in our company in the meantime. Our company adopted the slogan "join the team spirit” quite some time ago, and this donation is certainly a result of this claim. We are proud of that and the initiative of our staff," Stefan Ritt stated, VP and Head of Global Marketing and Communications.