As the first quad-laser system on the market, the SLM®500 serves as the flagship additive manufacturing system for high volume metal additive manufacturing to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. Likewise, the integrated SLM® Build Processor and open software architecture offer the freedom of controlling system parameters to optimize and meet strict production needs. Featuring a 500 x 280 x 365 mm build chamber and configurable with two or four overlapping lasers with power ratings from 800 to a full 2800 Watts, the SLM®500 offers a system tailored to best meet your specific industrial metal 3D printing requirements. Quad laser optics can increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configurations. Gas flow is essential to removing soot from the process chamber, especially for long-duration builds and the optimized gas flow on all systems produces complex components with the highest density and top surface quality.

The SLM®500’s patented closed-loop transport of metal powder increases operator safety and eliminates time-consuming manual fills and powder handling. To further reduce ancillary times, the automatic powder sieving procedure does not interfere with the parallel-running build process. The finished build cylinder is transported out of the system. Cooling and removal of excess powder takes place inside the part removal station (PRS), so that the next build process can begin immediately. Comprehensive process monitoring modules, Laser Power Monitoring and Melt Pool Monitoring, are available to ensure transparency and traceability.  

Selective laser melting allows you to achieve greater component quality in the high-volume production of complex geometries produced with metal additive manufacturing. 


  • Technical Specifications

    Machine configuration for all types of metal powders / Technical changes reserved

    Build Envelope (L x W x H)

    500 x 280 x 365 mm reduced by substrate plate thickness

    3D Optics Configuration

    Twin (2x 400 W), Quad (4x 400 W), Twin (2x 700 W), Quad (4x 700 W) IPG fiber laser

    Build Rate

    up to 171 cm³/h*

    Variable Layer Thickness

    20 µm - 75 µm

    Min. Feature Size

    150 µm

    Beam Focus Diameter

    80 - 115 µm

    Max. Scan Speed

    10 m/s

    Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process

    5 - 7 l/min (argon)

    Average Inert Gas Consumption Purging

    70 l/min (argon)

    E-Connection / Power Input

    400 Volt 3NPE, 64 A, 50/60 Hz, 8 - 10 kW

    Compressed Air Requirement / Consumption

    ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1], 50 l/min @ 6 bar

    Dimensions (L x W x H)

    5200 mm x 2800 mm x 2700 mm (incl. PSV, PRS)

    Weight (without / incl. powder)

    approx. 2400 kg / 3100 kg


    *depending on material and build part geometry