Workshops at our Headquarters or at Your Facility!

Need a refresher course, more in-depth information, or have a new operator in your 3D printing lab? Let SLM Solutions help reduce the learning curve of metal 3D by attending an additive manufacturing training session with our in-house team of experts. As an integrated system supplier we strive to be your metal additive manufacturing partner and single-source supplier for machines, materials and support. Customers often purchase training together with a machine, however many also recognize the need to refresh and advance their knowledge or to train new employees. 

SLM Solutions is committed to your success with metal additive manufacturing and offers training courses at our headquarters in Lübeck, Germany, at your facility, or at a location of your choice. We will create an individualized training to meet the needs of your process so you can enjoy access to the SLM Solutions team and our best-practices together with dedicated training without distraction.

Contact us to discuss how we can help train your team to increase your success with selective laser melting!