Annual General Meeting at SLM Solutions: On Course with Stable Development

Review of the fiscal year 2017


Lübeck, June 15, 2018. The SLM Solutions Group AG ("Company"), a leading supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology (often referred to as "3D printing"), is holding its fourth annual general meeting in the media docks in Lübeck on June 22, 2018.

At the fourth annual general meeting on June 22, the Executive Board of the company will explain the results of fiscal year 2017 to the shareholders as well as provide a strategic outlook into the future.

The company's incoming orders could be increased by 85.4% in the fiscal year 2017 compared to the previous year in the number of machines. In 2017, a total of 241 machines were ordered from SLM Solutions. This corresponds to a value of approx. 170 million euros and an increase in value by more than 111% compared to the fiscal year 2016. Dr. Axel Schulz, Chief Sales Officer, is very pleased: “In particular, the general contracts concluded for the long term give us planning security for the coming years. We will continue our course and conclude additional long-term general contracts thanks to close collaboration with customers.” The long-term strategic decision was taken in 2016 to expand production capacity in Germany for the necessary expansion of production. Construction of the new headquarters in Lübeck-Genin was started at the end of 2016, and the move into the building took place at the beginning of May 2018. Hans-Joachim Ihde, Chairperson of the Supervisory Board and major shareholder of SLM Solutions Group AG, explained: “We are a Lübeck-based company and proud of our roots in this region. We would like to express our thanks both to the city of Lübeck and the state of Schleswig-Holstein for their support in connection with the construction of our new headquarters in Lübeck.”

In October 2017, the company successfully placed a convertible loan amounting to 58.5 million in the capital market, taking advantage of an empowerment of the general meeting of April 17, 2014. The acquired funds are being invested in further growth of the company. “We are well positioned for future market development,” Uwe Bögershausen stated, Chief Financial Officer and spokesperson of the Executive Board of SLM Solutions Group AG. "At the same time, as a young company with strong growth, we want to have the necessary flexibility to respond to opportunities in the capital market in the future too and have therefore asked the shareholders to approve the issuing of new authorized capital, among other things, along with the invitation to the annual general meeting.”