Meddah Hadjar, CEO

Meddah Hadjar (*1967) is CEO of SLM Solutions Group AG, since Mai 2019. Mr. Hadjar has a bachelor and a master of science in aerospace engineering and brings a wealth of international experience in organizational leadership, product management, additive manufacturing and engineering. For over two decades, Mr. Hadjar served in key leadership roles at the US-company General Electric in the business units GE Aviation, GE Oil & Gas as well as GE Power & Energy. Since July 2017, Mr. Hadjar has been living in Germany. In his last position, he was the General Manager of GE Additive’s Laser Products business and overseeing Concept Laser.


Dr Gereon W. Heinemann, CTO

Dr Gereon W. Heinemann (*1970) is CTO of SLM Solutions Group AG. He studied production and metal-forming science at ETH Zurich and global production engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. At ETH Zurich, his Ph.D. dissertation dealt with a material model for industrial processing of metastable austenite in the automobile sector. He received operative experience in the field of mechanical and plant engineering as managing director of technology at MEWAG AG in developing and producing pipe bending machines and their use in vehicle and aircraft construction, as head of product management at Schlatter Industries AG in joining technology with a few new developments and strategy approaches for the global orientation of the corporate group as well as cost reductions thanks to streamlining the existing module variety of resistance welders, as CTO at Fritz Studer AG (Körber Group) for the further development and production of cylindrical grinding machines, mechanical engineering systems and assembly line production as well as CEO of IRPD AG, a joint venture in the field of additive manufacturing between the Körber Group and inspire AG /ETH Zurich. Since August 2018, Dr Heinemann is responsible as CTO in the Executive Board of SLM Solutions for the departments of Research and Development, Program Management, Innovation Management/Intellectual Property as well as Supply Chain/Production. His contract is valid until July 2021.


Frank Hülsmann

Since January 1, 2020, Frank Hülsmann supports the SLM Solutions Group AG as Chief Financial Officer. He is therefore responsible for finance/controlling, corporate finance, investor relations, general administration and legal/compliance. Mr. Hülsmann previously held senior finance positions within Lufthansa Group including, among others, as head of financial strategy, head of investor relations and for the past six years as CFO of Lufthansa’s internal insurance and re-insurance subsidiary Delvag Versicherungs-AG. Frank Hülsmann began his career at Commerzbank.


Sam O’Leary

Since December 2019 Sam O’Leary is Chief Operating Officer at SLM Solutions Group AG. As COO he is responsible for production, product development/R&D as well as supply chain management. Prior to this, he served in roles at Alstom/GE and Score Group plc. Mr. O’Leary is 36 years old and a British citizen.