General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

General Terms and Conditions

We at SLM Solutions have the highest requirements to our products. Consequently, we have the same demand to our vendors and their scope of supply to SLM Solutions.

A long lasting relationship, based on partnership is a key factor for us. It is based on three columns:

  • Quality comes with the understanding of our requirements of the delivered products and services. We agree on common quality requirements and demand the implementation of a Zero-Defect-Strategy. Part of it, but not limited to, are specifications, drawings and the acknowledgement of our purchasing terms and conditions.
  • Flexibility and short lead times are a key principle to us. It comes with vendor managed and owned inventory as well as general consumption-driven concepts.
  • Thirdly, consequent cost-down thinking and strive for lower prices are key to us. It is mandatory for us to secure and expand our common market growth.

Our demand is clustered into the following categories: electrics, mechanics and components, consumables and indirects. If you are interested in a collaboration with SLM Solutions, please file a completed supplier self-assessment. Upon receipt, we will come back to you and discuss the way forward.

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