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Your Metal 3D Printing Partner

SLM Solutions Group AG is a publicly traded company headquartered in Lübeck, Germany. As an inventor of the selective laser melting process, our company focuses on the development and distribution of the most innovative, production-oriented metal additive manufacturing systems. Our focus is to be a leader in product performance and innovation and for you, as our customer, to benefit from that approach.

As part of our commitment, the SLM® team utilizes our engineering facilities around the world to foster collaboration on metal AM projects and help scale our users to series production. SLM Solutions provides consultation, installation, maintenance, training and other learning opportunities for customers to harness the capabilities and exercise best practices with selective laser melting. 

As the technology pioneer we create endless possibilities to change the future of manufacturing forever. 

SLM Solutions Group AG Mission Statement

Why Partner With Us?


in the industry with multi-laser machines

16 years

since the first industrial selective laser melting machine installation

100 %

focus on metal additive manufacturing and alloy development


SLM® machines installed and trusted by our global blue-chip customer base

We are proud to have the largest global install base on SLM® machines with closed-loop powder handling.

Meddah Hadjar, CEO bei SLM Solutions