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The future of additive manufacturing is sustainable. This requires trusting and transparent cooperation in our company as well as with our suppliers and business partners.

Sam O'Leary, CEO

The Right Path to Sustainable Production

We define compliance as adherence to applicable laws, standards, internal company guidelines and principles of conduct. Compliance includes, among other things, ethically correct conduct in legal and business transactions, transparency and social responsibility. Compliance is therefore the legal, social and ethical framework for entrepreneurial, value-driven action.

Nikon SLM Solutions is proud to offer a technology that promotes sustainability in production environments. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual trust, transparency, respect and responsibility. As a trustworthy and transparent partner, Nikon SLM Solutions has created an effective compliance management system, a functional risk management system, internal company guidelines and a whistleblower system.

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The Code of Conduct is the basis of the Compliance Management System. It is valid throughout the Nikon SLM Solutions AG and for all employees at all levels. It defines companywide values and principles and serves as a guideline for employees in their day-to-day business activities. The Code of Conduct creates awareness and sensitization with regards to the responsibility of each employee.

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Nikon SLM Solutions AG, Anti Slavery Act 2024 Statement Policy January 19, 2024 DOWNLOAD

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Business Partners is the basis for cooperation with suppliers and business partners. It contains values and rules of conduct and must be followed by all suppliers and business partners without exception. It serves to establish a sustainable supply chain. Cornerstones of the SCoC are ethical principles, equal treatment of employees, respect for human rights, health, occupational health and safety, quality assurance, sustainable environmental protection as well as transparency. 


Our Euronext IntegrityLog is a possibility for employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, investors as well as other external persons to anonymously, legally and securely inform Nikon SLM Solutions about grievances, especially violations of applicable law, internal directives and processes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports are treated confidentially and seriously. This serves to protect the whistleblower, but also to protect any accused persons.  No efforts will be made by Nikon SLM Solutions to identify whistleblowers unless the Euronext IntegrityLog is misused. The Euronext IntegrityLog leads us to become stronger and more compliant together as a team.

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In times of digitalization, data security and protection are of utmost importance. Cyber-attacks have become an indispensable part of the digital age, but industrial espionage and the protection of employees also make information security essential. Risks such as data loss, targeted manipulation or environmental influences must be limited. In particular, personal data, financial and business data as well as the "core of the business" - i.e. IP and construction data – should be highly protected. In addition, business partners and regulatory requirements demand more protection and security. Therefore, data security measures are important for Nikon SLM Solutions in order to continue doing business with our trustworthy business partners.

Data Security

Data security is concerned with the general protection of data, regardless of whether it relates to individuals or not. For example, the protection of data such as construction plans, design instructions or business data in any form - whether analog or digital - falls just as much under the heading of data security as personal data.

The aim of data security is to protect data of all kinds against threats, manipulation, unauthorized access or disclosure. Primarily, this involves various measures, both analog and digital, that must be taken to ensure and achieve the security of data.

Information Security Policy of the Nikon SLM Solutions Group AG

Data Protection

Data protection deals exclusively with personal data. Therefore, it quickly becomes clear that the terms are not only closely related, but mutually dependent. For example, the complete state of data security cannot be achieved without data protection measures, as otherwise personal data might not be adequately protected. In turn, comprehensive data security measures (including technical and organizational measures = TOM) are a prerequisite for effective data protection in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act and the GDPR (also check out our privacy policy).

Reporting Incidents

If you like to report a data protection incident or an IT security incident please write an e-mail to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) or to our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

You can also use our Whistleblower Hotline.

Adherence with legal requirements and guidelines is the basis for conducting business with integrity. To be a trustworthy partner to all our stakeholders and customers, we always strive for clear directions to govern our actions.

André Witt, General Counsel

Why is Compliance Important?
Compliance is the observance of, adherence to and fulfillment of rules (applicable laws, standards, internal company guidelines and principles of conduct), but also ethical correct behavior in legal and business dealings, such as corporate social responsibility, observance of human rights, fairness and equality.
Respectful interaction, transparency and social responsibility are the corporate values that are crucial and important for maintaining stakeholder trust and acting as a role model in additive manufacturing.,. It is also important to avoid possible risks for the persons involved and to protect the efforts made by the SLM team, customers, shareholders and business partners. Compliance helps us to fulfill our mission, to honor our values and to strengthen the basis of our success in all markets.

Compliance is therefore the legal, social and ethical framework for entrepreneurial, value-driven action.

How to Establish Compliance? 
Compliance is established through an effective Compliance Management System (CMS) in order to prevent, identify, assess and control incompliant behaviour. Part of this is not only the establishment and continuous development of principles of conduct, organizational measures, processes and appropriate structures or the creation of a basic understanding for employeesbut also the effective risk management to identify, analyze, evaluate and monitor risks for the company.

Equally important are internal company guidelines on key topics such as anti-corruption, antitrust compliance, money laundering prevention, export law and insider rules, as well as the implementation of a whistleblower hotline for reporting wrongdoing, especially violations of applicable law and internal directives and processes. Compliant business processes also ensure a sustainable supply chain.

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