November 19, 2019

BEAMIT Purchases SLM®500, Third SLM® Machine Of 2019

Lübeck, November 19th, 2019. BEAMIT has acquired another SLM®500 quad-laser system, their third SLM® machine of the year, bringing their total to eight selective laser melting units. The company is one of the largest additive manufacturing suppliers in Europe with over 20 years of experience with the technology and will now use this expertise to develop high speed parameters for special aluminum alloys.

For the purchase of their eighth SLM® machine, BEAMIT looked to the established market-leadership of SLM Solutions for processing aluminum. The quad-laser SLM®500 provided BEAMIT the platform size and productivity speeds to meet their customer demands. Holding a number of quality certifications, including ISO 9100 for aerospace, energy and automotive, BEAMIT will use their newest selective laser melting machine to further expand into the motorsport and automotive market. To target these segments, BEAMIT plans to use the open parameter access of SLM® machines to develop custom, high-speed parameters for Al2024X and Al6061.

“This summer we announced that Sandvik acquired a stake in BEAMIT because of our well-recognized expertise in metal additive manufacturing, and our partnership with SLM Solutions allows us to further leverage that expertise,” stated Mauro Antolotti, Chairman and Founder of BEAMIT. “With the advanced material knowledge of Sandvik and the parameter freedom of the SLM® machine, we plan to develop top-quality parameters targeting the specific needs of our high-performance automotive and racing customers.”

“The benefits of SLM Solutions’ machines, including open parameters and multi-laser productivity, will help BEAMIT offer their customers unique solutions,” says Meddah Hadjar, CEO of SLM Solutions. “They purchased two selective laser systems earlier this year to develop parameters for nickel-based alloys and we are confident that they will have an equal amount of success in advancing aluminum parameters for the industry on their newest SLM®500.”