January 24, 2022

MIMO Technik Qualifies Additive Manufacturing Process for Boeing Using Multiple SLM®500s from SLM Solutions

The qualification has resulted in the immediate flight insertion of hundreds of certified space and defense components for Boeing.

January 24th, 2022. Carson, CA, USA. Additive Manufacturing pioneer SLM Solutions and manufacturing solutions provider MIMO Technik jointly announce their huge strides in quickly qualifying additive manufacturing (AM) for parts and processes for the aerospace industry. Using SLM® machine technology, MIMO Technik has successfully met the material spec performance for ALSi10Mg aluminum powder for Boeing and has done so at increased productivity rates, increasing the value proposition for AM design solutions.

MIMO Technik credits SLM Solutions' open architecture philosophy for enabling them to grow from designing and manufacturing motorsport and racing parts to producing and qualifying AM components for some of the aerospace industry's biggest players. They can now qualify materials, processes, and parts for aerospace flight faster than ever before. Thanks to SLM® technology, MIMO Technik's process is five to ten times more productive than the industry benchmark. Next up on MIMO Technik's roadmap is the qualification of high-strength aluminum alloys on SLM Solutions machines for Boeing.

"SLM Solutions technology enables us to create parts and design processes that are just not possible on any other platform. Their open parameters, open architecture system, and engineering spirit let us refine our processes and create parts to the highest standards in critical systems. From structures to electronics, the entire system is customizable to achieve the needed results. SLM®'s open architecture has been a key component in our success," comments Jonathan Cohen, CEO & Co-founder at MIMO Technik.

 Dr. Simon Merkt-Schippers, EVP of Product Management at SLM Solutions, comments: "This major qualification proves that MIMO Technik is a leading part manufacturer for the aerospace industry. It is almost unreal what Jonathan is getting out of our machines, resulting in incredible competitive advantages to MIMO Technik. On top of our open architecture, our extensive support for certified serial production comes along with the IQ, OQ, and PQ qualification process. These were key advantages for this joint success and for MIMO Technik's overall accelerated adaption of SLM® technology for aerospace."

SLM Solutions' unique technology was the basis for MIMO Technik's pivot from previously manufacturing polymers to direct metal printing. What started with one SLM® 280 in 2014 has evolved into a game-changing AM Center, outfitted with one SLM® 125, three SLM® 280s, and three SLM® 500s.

About MIMO Technik Inc.

MIMO TECHNIK develops and supplies manufacturing solutions in the AM space for Aerospace, Launch Systems, Hypersonic, Defense, and Motorsport clients. With a deep investment in the latest technology, software, processes, and parameter development, we offer specialized solutions and our team of experts to support critical programs. MIMO Technik Inc is a privately held company headquartered in the USA.

About SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions is an integrated solutions provider and metal additive manufacturing partner. The company is vested in customers' long-term success with metal additive manufacturing. Robust Selective Laser Melting machines optimize fast, reliable, and cost-efficient part production and SLM Solutions' experts work with customers at each stage of the process to provide the support that elevates the use of the technology and ensures their return on investment is maximized. A publicly traded company, SLM Solutions Group AG is headquartered in Germany, with offices in Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. For more info contact: www.slm-solutions.com