PSM Manual Powder Sieve

The PSM unit sieves and separates metal powder under inert gas conditions. Metal powder collected from overflow cans in the selective laser melting system is manually supplied to the sieving station. The sieved GO grain and oversized powder are collected in separate cans underneath the system for further use.

The sieving process runs automatically without influence on the running build process, reducing ancillary times. To support and speed up the sieving procedure, an additional ultrasonic cleaning device can be added.

Available for the SLM®125 or SLM®280


PSV Automated Powder Handling

The modular PSV powder supply unit can be connected to the SLM®280 or SLM®500 selective laser melting system to ensure a reliable powder supply throughout the entire production process. The PSV uses a 90-liter powder tank without requiring manual filling via individual powder bottles. An integrated ultrasonic sieve processes the powder before it is fed into the chamber to remove any oversized particles or debris. Three independent conveying routes transport metal powder between the selective laser melting system and the sieve: Freshly sieved powder is supplied to the SLM® machine, excess powder from the build chamber overflows back to the PSV or powder can be manually vacuumed from the chamber directly to the PSV upon build completion.

The PSV transports powder between the sieve and the machine utilizing fully automatic vacuum technology. Powder passage, sieving and storage all take place in a closed system within inert gas atmosphere, maximizing powder quality while minimizing operator contact with the powder for reduced safety risks.

Available for the SLM®280 or SLM®500

Conveying Routes of the PSV

1. Conveying route Feed

The freshly sieved metal powder is supplied into the SLM® machine. An integrated ultrasonic sieve sorts the available powder just before it is fed into the process chamber so that no oversized particles or foreign objects can find their way onto the powder bed. 



2. Conveying route Recirculation

The second conveying route returns the excess metal powder from the build overflow back to the PSV.



3. Conveying route Recovery

Unpacking of parts and recovery of the unfused powder is connected directly inside the process chamber or the PRS 500 on the SLM® 280 or SLM® 500, respectively. In the latter case, a new production process can already be started during the unpacking of the last build, with the powder supply to the SLM® machine prioritized by the system.