March 10, 2016

March, 9th 2016, Henner Schöneborn

Details of the person subject to the disclosure requirement

Last name: Schöneborn
First name: Henner
Position: Member of a managing body

Information about the transaction with duty of notification

Description of the financial instrument: Share
ISIN/WKN of the financial instrument: DE000A111338
Type of transaction: Sale
Date: 04.03.2016
Price: 18.365
Currency: EUR
No. of items: 73234
Total amount traded: 1344942.41
Place: Außerbörslich

Information about the company with duty of publication

Issuer: SLM Solutions Group AG
Roggenhorster Strasse 9c
23556 Lübeck
ISIN: DE000A111338
WKN: A11133